The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) awarded the Billion Bottle Project second place in their annual AlChE Chemical Engineers for Good Challenge. AlChE is the world’s leading organization for professional chemical engineers. Their Engineers for Good Challenge was started, “To encourage chemical engineering students and their partners to consider how chemical engineering know-how can be applied… to improve the quality of life of communities.” BBP’s engineering intern, Kathryn Lundgren, submitted a project proposal describing the organization’s work on OSPRI, an affordable, reusable dye-based sensor to help increase the use of solar disinfection. Users will simply drop OSPRI into their bottle at the start of the treatment and the sensor will change color once the water has received enough ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun – letting the user know their water is safe to drink. This second place prize award comes with a $2000 award, which BBP will apply to ongoing costs associated with the design and testing of OSPRI.