OSPRI makes SODIS even easier to use.

Standard SODIS treatment requires users to juggle multiple variables. With OSPRI, all it takes is a simple color change.

Step 1

Fill a plastic bottle with source water. Place OSPRI into the bottle.

Step 2

Place bottle in sunlight.

Step 3

The OSPRI will change color gradually during the SODIS treatment.

Step 4

Remove OSPRI from bottle. Store OSPRI in a clean, dry place. Enjoy clean drinking water.

Let's compare the standard SODIS protocol to enhanced SODIS with OSPRI.

Standard SODIS

  • ☑ Ensure the bottle is made of the right material.
  • ☑ Make sure the bottle material is not too thick.
  • ☑ Make sure the bottle is not too big.
  • ☑ Check that the water is not too cloudy.
  • ☑ Estimate the percentage of cloud cover and use it to calculate the treatment time.


  • ☑ Did the OSPRI change color? If so, the water is safe to drink.

That's all.

Features of the OSPRI

Designed to be reusable, so one device lasts up to a year.
Costs under $1 to manufacture.
Easy to Use
Reduces amount of time traditionally spent teaching the SODIS method.
Indicates exactly when the SODIS process is complete.

The OSPRI is currently in early-stage development. Our research needs your support!

Help BBP develop the innovative OSPRI technology and get it in the hands of those who need it most.