BBP is excited to kick off the month of August by announcing the start of our “Wells of Wisdom” blog post series. Part of the Billion Bottle Project’s mission is education – many of the populations most vulnerable to water-borne illnesses don’t have the information necessary to resolve the problems they face. We aim to fill in some of those knowledge gaps with streamlined posts and articles explaining overviews on the global water crisis and waterborne illnesses, ways to disinfect your water as an individual (including more details on SODIS), and how to identify different disease symptoms (like types of diarrhea) and treatments. If you have questions or suggestions on further topics you’d like us to cover, message our Facebook page (link on the top right) and let us know!

Wells were one of the original ways to secure clean, fresh drinking water for individuals, villages and communities. With our “Wells of Wisdom” series, we hope to help dig new wells of knowledge and understanding to improve clean water efforts and access. At the turn of the millennia, over 1.1 billion people were without access to a clean water supply and almost two decades later, that number has grown to over 1.8 billion. We are invested in not only keeping that number from growing further, but also reducing it in the decades to come. As BBP continues to work on bringing the OSPRI to those populations that need it, we’re excited to expand our efforts to include things like the “Wells of Wisdom” series. Check back in to read what we’ve written and see what else we have in store.