Kathryn Lundgren, a Case Western Reserve University undergraduate and engineering intern with Billion Bottle Project, was recently awarded first place and $1500 in the OMEGA Incredible Youth Engineering Contest.

OMEGA Engineering, an American instrumentation company, started the Incredible Youth Engineering Contest in 2018 as a way to support engineering students and their innovative projects. University student engineers were invited to submit their project proposals, which were then reviewed by OMEGA engineers. Three projects were chosen for awards.

Kathryn submitted a proposal on OSPRI, our cheap, reusable SODIS sensor. Kathryn has been heavily involved in OSPRI’s development as part of the BBP Engineering team, and this award will help support her and the Engineering team’s next steps for both OSPRI and upcoming SODIS sensors.

We are so proud of Kathryn’s work. In addition to her work with BBP Engineering, Kathryn’s engineering studies have allowed her to partake in several water filtration research projects at both CWRU and internationally. Her passion for water filtration and her dedication to this work are truly incredible.

Congratulations Kathryn!